Since the dawn of the computer era, user experience has been constantly evolving. Initially, new technology was so revolutionary that users were willing to put up with some inconvenience.

But with the ever-blossoming technology user experience has become a greater consideration of developers. But more than that, in this era of technology UX is necessary for product success.

UX Defined

Let’s start by defining what UX is. According to Forbes, UX is what “makes the complex easy to use.” More specifically it is creating a product that is easy and enjoyable for consumers to use.

But let’s not get confused. UX is not User Interface. While UX and UI are connected, they aren’t the same. UI focuses on the layout of the product while UX focuses on creating a certain feel in the product. That feel is what generates positive user response.

User Trust and Retention

UX is your first and sometimes your only opportunity to influence consumers. Your website can quickly gain trust simply by being user friendly.

Much like first impressions on a blind date, UX is the first impression of a website, app, or program on the consumer. UX can either create frustration or an easy, enjoyable experience.

Consider this – “79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.” That means that UX dramatically influences buyer loyalty. While you may be able to get one sale, it won’t result in customer trust and loyalty.

Conversion Rates

Does your product consistently draw the consumer to a desired action? If so, you have a high conversion rate.

According to Forbes, “user experience measures the quality of site interactions, which in turn measures the quantity of site success and conversions.” Since UX directly impacts site conversions and thereby site success, it is a worthwhile investment.

Conversion rates also impact your lead generation. Lead generation is the ability to capture and maintain consumer interest which can negatively or positively impact your bottom line. If your website cannot consistently convert those leads into customers, your website probably needs better UX.

UX For the Long Run

Cutting corners on UX will cost you more in the future whether that be conversions, user trust, or decreased ROI. UX that results in user trust and higher conversion rates isn’t an accident. It’s the result of planning and investment.

From day one of your website design an experienced UX design team is an invaluable resource for website success. UX is not something you want slapped on at the end of your project. That’s why integrating UX development into your design is necessary for product success.

The Agile method allows for integrating changes in UX during the entire development process. Being able to spot and change small problems results in a better more reliable product.

Ultimately, UX increases product success by making the product easier to use. Ease of use encourages consumers to return to your product or to follow the action steps laid out for them. This in turn results in greater ROI and a better bottom line.

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