Right now, Poatek has six interns, five of which are from Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses. Each one of them works together with different teams to develop all kinds of software solutions.

Jean Andrade, one of our oldest interns, works every day developing front-end software with JavaScript technologies. He alone is responsible for all user interfaces on an application that one of the teams is developing. Let’s see what he has to say about his experience until now:

Here at Poatek we have an amazing environment for growing professionally. Everyone has expertise in some technology and is very accessible. With just a few steps in the office it is possible to approach someone who has the necessary knowhow to discuss some technology in depth. Besides that, we have all the benefits from a cool tech startup like flexible work hours, snacks and a casual environment. I am very grateful to have started my career here.

From Computer Science course at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Eduardo Pereira is here with us for one year and is involved in a lot of projects regarding UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience). ”Working at Poatek has been a great experience, everyone on the team is really open to discuss and help out when needed and the knowledge-sharing culture is really strong on the company”, he said. “Poatek has a friendly and chill environment, gives opportunities and incentives for everyone to improve professionally and I’m really grateful to be working here for over a year now.

Completing one year as an intern together with Eduardo is Marcelo de Almeida, a student of Biomedical Informatics who is part of our Data Science team. His daily work includes applying data analytics and Machine Learning to help our partners make informed business decisions and explore new values from their data. “Poatek has provided me with opportunities to grow in this one year as no company or institution before. I was able to quickly build and refine my engineering toolset with demanding and fascinating projects, shifting between cutting edge theory and real industry applications, while seeing our work create value and help transform customers’ business.”

Another great example of professional growth is Gabriel Allegretti, who has just been promoted to a Software Engineer position. The Computer Science student went for one month to Aventura, Florida, to work directly with one of our clients. Promoted on November 1st, he said “I’ve learned a lot during my time here at Poatek. Every team member is always eager to help, and we always have fun and learn together. The projects are interesting and challenging, and the work environment is great.

Here at Poatek, every intern can choose which area of interest to study, from UI/UX to Machine Learning. Through many courses and projects, they increase their knowledge and apply them on a daily basis. Daniel Einloft, the newest of the crew, said:

My internship here surpassed all my expectations. I never had any experience in web development before and since day one I’ve learned a lot about JavaScript, Node.js and .Net. Every day is a different experience and a great opportunity to learn something new.

Working around so many talented people is super inspiring and I’m really grateful to be part of this great team. I’m really happy to be a part of Poatek’s history.


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