If you follow our social media accounts, then you should know how much Poatek values its employees. We really want to inspire our collaborators to go further and work on ideas and projects that bring innovation, while also providing an environment that motivates these processes.

But have you ever wondered what’s the daily routine of a poateker?

Yeah, we thought so.

So, we gathered a few testimonials from employees that fought the early battles and new workers that arrived at Poatek just a few months ago.

Here’s a more in-depth view of what it’s like at a day in the life of a poateker!

Great atmosphere for project development

For Pedro Fialho, our Software Engineer who’s been with us for over a year, catching up with the team and exchanging ideas is very important for project development. Here’s his daily routine at Poatek:

“I usually arrive in the morning and catch up with my team through coffee to talk about our projects. During the rest of my morning, I read my emails and, then, check out the current task of the project I’m working on. I create a PR on GitHub and check if someone approved or replied. And, sometimes, I open Slack – where I can find funny pictures on the random channel!

Every day I go to lunch with my colleagues and, after that, I have a daily meeting with the rest of the team. We have flexible working hours, so, if I have a personal appointment later in the afternoon, I arrive a bit earlier in the morning.

My job doesn’t require that I come to the office every day. I could even work from home, but I usually come because I like the atmosphere. We usually exchange opinions and help each other in every moment.

When there are special events we try to participate, sometimes we all go out together and we often organize a happy hour after work. And whenever there is some free time in the afternoon, we play FIFA!”

The Sgt. Coder's Lonely Lines Commit Band
The Sgt. Coder’s Lonely Lines Commit Band

Informal conversation is the name of the game

Gabriel Moro, our Mobile Engineer, has been with us for three months. Here’s his take on what’s it like to work at Poatek!

“I usually arrive between 9 and 10 a.m. and start working on my project. I review my tasks and, because my team is very cohesive, we talk a lot about our projects. We also have a lot of meetings with clients, too.

At Poatek, we have many informal conversations – which I find great, because this way it’s easier and faster to find solutions.

Monday, for example, is the busiest day of the week: we have three meetings and plan tasks for the whole week.

I haven’t worked from home yet, but I like the flexibility that we have because I can start working whenever I want to.

I really like the environment at Poatek because there are many great professionals and you can talk to everyone. It’s a good opportunity to learn together”.

Sharing knowledge helps us go further

Regis Brand is one of the first poatekers: he’s been working at Poatek for three years now, so he really gets our spirit. Here’s what he has to say!

“My team and I work with Agile, so we often have new tasks or tasks in progress that we have to finish. We work with US clients, so there is a different timezone; for this reason, I start working at 11 a.m and go home at about 6 p.m. My team and I don’t have a lot of internal meetings, because we are sitting close together. This way, it’s easy to keep up with each other.

I’m one of the first poatekers, so I can definitely say that things are different from the beginning: there’s more people and, for me, this is good because there are more ideas to share. I try to help everyone and I think it’s very important to share knowledge, like on our weekly KT session and in our study groups.

We have a lot of freedom and I really appreciate this because, living outside the city, I can work from home one day a week. However, I do prefer coming to the office – I like the environment here!”