Earlier this month we had our very first All Hands of the year, an internal event where we review our metrics and goals. Here are this edition’s highlights!

News from Miami

In this edition, we had Poatek’s partner Lando Kravetz fly in from Miami, where our US office is based. After sharing a bit about his history at Poatek, Lando spoke about our operation in Florida, which is now up and running – and should expect new Poatekers by H2!

Exchange students in Poatek

This year, we’re planning to bring three new MIT students for the Summer Internship Program after last year’s success bringing Alexandra Rodriguez. We will also continue our partnership with AIESEC, which in 2018 brought seven students from all over the world to our Porto Alegre office.

New additions to our team

New Poatekers introduced themselves to the team: Kelvyn Risso, Daniel Maranhão, and Luiz Antônio Nonenmacher are already fitting into the Poatek atmosphere!

Our goals for 2019

Last but not least, we went through this year’s goals. Grow and sustain our business, focus on team development and give back to society are our missions for 2019.

And, to do so, we are determined to not only add new talents to the team but also help develop the talents we already have in-house by providing better tools and opportunities, such as international and academic experiences. We find this a key strategy to achieve our goals!

Let’s do this!