Last week we welcomed a new Data Scientist to the team: Alan Delgado de Oliveira will work with projects that help businesses interpret data effectively and extract valid information for a better decision-making process.

Alan holds a PhD degree in Management Science with major in Operations Research at UFRGS and post-doctoral experience in decision sciences department at The George Washington University. Before applying to Poatek, Alan worked as an IT Manager at a retail company he was partner to. He sold his shares after being invited to a post-doctoral position at George Washington University as Senior Assistant Researcher, where he worked in a project funded by the U.S Marines.

Alan at Poatek

Alan applied to Poatek after realizing he wants to expand his experience outside academia. “I was looking for an opportunity to develop my data science skills, and I found that in Poatek”, says Alan. “I realized that, because of the company’s client portfolio, I’d be able to apply my know-how and work with modern artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms”, he adds.

Poatek’s organizational culture was also something that Alan saw as positive in the company.

“The way that the teams are structured came to my attention because of the possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences”, says Alan.

The possibility to explore new technologies and algorithms while working in a flexible environment was also important to Alan’s application. “I feel like, at Poatek, we have the opportunity to work with companies and projects that allow us to develop ourselves”, he adds.

We’re happy to have you, Alan. Welcome to the team!