An “endless honeymoon” — this is the expression Maicco Ferreira used to describe the relationship that employees have with Poatek. He joined our team of IT professionals last December and says he’s collected many positive impressions towards the team and its members.

“Everyone reaches out to support you, even if you’ve just arrived and need some chaps to hang around with.”

For Ferreira, Poatek is an open-minded environment that offers flexible hours and workspaces, which can be either at the office or home-based. “The working relationship is based in trust, which is something I didn’t see in other companies. I love it.”


Gabriel Bronzatti, our Mobile Engineer, decided to apply to Poatek mainly because of the “we love IT” slogan he kept coming across on LinkedIn. “In my opinion, good results come from a work done with love”, he says.

In addition to this, the second motive for Gabriel’s application came after checking the profile of our employees. “Everyone seems very well-qualified, so I see potential for my professional growth here.”

For Gabriel, Poatek’s atmosphere and culture stimulates his development:

“Here at Poatek, I feel motivated to work, to study, to learn more, and to do my best so I can deliver good results.”


With a little over one year in-house, our Software Engineer Luis Eduardo Lanfredi says he decided to apply for the job after a few colleagues shared what it was like to work at Poatek.

For Lanfredi, Poatek is a challenging and instigating environment.

“You feel constantly motivated to explore new IT areas and improve. It feels like you’re responsible for your own career paths.”

Lanfredi also sees that the horizontal organization and the work-life balance are additional perks to working at Poatek.


Pleasant, casual and easy-going working atmosphere is how our Software Engineer Daniel Centeno Einloft describes Poatek. “Everyone is super kind and willing to help, no matter the task”, he adds.

Daniel took a full-time Software Engineering position at the company in January, while in the middle of his web development studies using JavaScript. Within a few weeks, he was able to work on programming with JavaScript and .NET for two different projects.

“Poatek has a way of encouraging employees to grow professionally as well as personally. It’s a fantastic place to start your career as a Software Engineer or increase your knowledge if you are already experience in this area.”


Our Software Engineer Gabriel Allegretti, the first intern to be promoted at Poatek, applied for his internship back in 2016. The main reasons he applied was so he could work in the consulting branch and still join a startup. “I wanted to work with multiple projects in different areas, so I could thereby acquire a rich knowledge both professional and personally.”

Once he arrived, Gabriel studied the technologies our teams use and soon was able to help with daily tasks. Shortly after, he started taking part in bigger and more challenging projects.

“By the end of my internship contract, I felt grateful for attaining knowledge and experience to a large extent. However, I was offered a permanent position as a full-time member of a great team. Well, here I am, today. I am a Poateker.”

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