Since our last blog post about our team of interns, we’ve had two important promotions: Daniel Einloft and Jean Andrade are now Software Engineers at Poatek!

We’ve also hired four new interns since then and added some Girl Power to the team: Laurien Santin is the first female intern joining Poatek.

So let’s begin with Laurien. She studies Computer Engineering at UFRGS, and arrived a month ago. She shared her experience with the selection process here at Poatek: “It was pretty fast, in general, and quite simple. No 10 meetings with managers, or all the pressure other enterprises put when hiring interns, so it was nice.” She’ll be dealing with software development, working with React and Node.js.

From the Software Engineering Faculty at Univates, João Pedro Becchi has a few thoughts on our selection process as well: “I think the internship selection process was different comparing to other companies because I was able to be interviewed remotely, since I live in another city about 110 km away”. He’s currently learning and applying JavaScript on web applications and said that Poatek’s environment is really challenging” and, so far, he’s learned a lot. “I think the special point here is that we have a lot of space and opportunities to learn new things and teach what we’ve learned to our colleagues. Also, I feel that everyone is working together as a single team, no matter the project they’re working on“, he adds.

Our super team of interns: Leonardo Scholler, Matheus Dubin da Silveira, João Pedro Becchi and Laurien Santin. Photo: Matheus Migoni for Poatek (2019).

Leonardo Scholler studies Computer Science at PUCRS, and gives us more details about the project he’s working on. “As soon as I started working, I got assigned to a task of adapting a web application to better suit use on mobile devices. But it turned out that it wasn’t a simple task: besides learning new tools like AngularJS, Sass and Semantic UI, the application needed structural changes that weren’t in the original project scope. With the help of some poatekers, we got in direct contact with the client and fully engaged with the creative and technical process.” He adds that this is the thing he likes most in Poatek. “We can decide and manage the project course, overseeing and participating in all the developing steps of it.

Matheus Dubin da Silveira studies Game Development at Unisinos, with emphasis on graphics processing related subjects, and summarizes the internship experience at Poatek: “Being able to work with such technically skilled and amazing people has brought to light the need for a selection process that is not focused on someone’s current knowledge, but in investing in their growth and being sure that they’ll always have the tools needed to develop.

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