April was a special month for us! We had Poatek’s 4th anniversary, and our second All Hands of the year, an internal event where we take a moment to review the company’s values, metrics, and goals.

In this edition, members of our team that live in other parts of the country flew to Porto Alegre to participate in the event, which was fantastic! Here are some of the highlights:

Our values

We began this All Hands the same way we always do – by reviewing our values and seeing how we have aligned with them since the last event. This is also an opportunity for new poatekers to see what we strive for as a company and what goes on behind the scenes to make our company achieve the great results that it does.

Our growth

The next discussion was on our growth: from 38 employees in December 2018, we’re now 55 poatekers! We want to be 80 poatekers by the end of the year. And the best part is that this speed of growth doesn’t mean Poatek’s culture will change – we want to be exactly who we already are, but at a greater scale.

More exchange students in Poatek

This year, there are three American students coming for Poatek’s Summer Internship Program that will begin in June. We also mentioned in our social media our partnership with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and the fact that we’re selecting Israeli students for this Summer Internship Program as well, which we hope will be the first of many initiatives with the Technion.

Our performance in Q1/2019

We went through this Q1’s performance having in mind each one of our goals for 2019: grow and sustain our business, focus on team development and give back to society.

We’re very happy with the results achieved, but we won’t stop until we achieve more. We’re especially committed to training and continuous learning, in order to develop our in-house talent even more and serve our customers with the best.

Our future

As well as the additions to our team, we looked at quite a few other great things that 2019 will bring Poatek: new offices, incoming cutting-edge projects, and new ways we can give back to our community. Stay connected to our social media and find out as our work progresses!