One week ago, we hosted our third All Hands of the year! All Hands is an internal event we organize every quarter, where we take a moment to review the company’s values and goals, and set the company’s vision for the future.

Besides our great agenda, our international interns also had the chance to talk about their experience in Brazil and with Poatek. And after that, many poatekers played soccer and had fun with board games – we had a great time! So, if you are curious and want to know more, here are some highlights:

Our consolidation

We started our agenda realizing how much Poatek has evolved since 2015, the year in which the company was created. Since July 2018, the number of poatekers almost doubled, we moved to a new office, and our numbers have increased a lot – our revenue from the last two quarters is equivalent to all revenue from 2018. This consolidation allows us to look at the future with plans to boldly go even further.

Our vision for the future

The next discussion was on Poatek’s vision for the future. We want to have 80 poatekers by the end of the year, in order to continue delivering excellent solutions for our customer’s complex problems. We want to keep on having cool initiatives to spread the word about technology: Summer Job Program, investments in research and development, and scholarships. In addition, we want to play a key role in the entrepreneurship environment on a global scale, by financially contributing to the development of agile businesses and giving technical support to startups we believe have great potential to generate wealth and job opportunities.

International interns

In our previous All Hands, it was announced that three American students would take part in Poatek’s Summer Job Program this year. In this edition, Emily, Eric and Evan – meet them all here – told us a little bit about their experience at Poatek and Brazil. They talked about the projects they worked on, the languages they learned and, most of all, their impressions on Poatek’s culture and Brazilian kindness.

Our performance in Q2/2019

We also went through the highlights of our second quarter and realized how many things we’ve achieved. Our office at inovabra habitat in São Paulo, numerous trips by our team members, the deployed performance review, rewards and recognition for many poatekers, a great number of events, and meetups are among the highlights.

Looking back at our Q2’s performance allowed us to check the status of each one of our goals for 2019: grow and sustain our business, focus on team development and give back to society. Much has been done, but there’s much more to achieve – so we’re very committed to all these goals.

New poatekers

Last but not least, two new poatekers introduced themselves to the rest of the team. João Pedro Boufleur has a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Engineering – UFRGS and will work as a Business Analyst, while Marcelo Prates has just finished his PhD in Computer Science – UFRGS, and will work as a Data Scientist.

To finish our All Hands in the best possible way, there was soccer, board games, good music (played by some of our talented poatekers), some food and, most of all, great people.