Brazil’s emerging tech market features 189 million mobile phones already in use and a fast-growing demand for PCs. In fact, Brazil boasts the fifth-most mobile phones and Internet users in the world, and its connectivity continues to explode.

This burgeoning market is driving many international companies to seek a foothold in South America. That’s where Poatek comes in. Based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, we offer web and mobile software solutions from iOS development to machine learning.

Poatek is a top software developer in Brazil

We’re thrilled that Clutch, a data-driven business resource, has us in the top 5 on its list of the top software developers in Brazil. Our happy clients have given us an average rating of 4.7/5 on Clutch.

One of our clients, an industrial agriculture firm, needed us to build a mobile app. We developed native iOS and Android versions with purchase management features, along with a web platform that could interface with the mobile version.

We helped our client create a mobile app solution that beat industry standards, and the company was pleased with both the design and functionality. They were particularly happy with our flexible style of work, and they found our insights useful in the development process.

“They’re far and above a superior team.” – Digital Manager, Industrial Agricultural Firm

A previous engagement, this time with a financial services consultancy, brought us into the field of big data and machine learning. We helped this firm expand into the Brazilian market and provided data science and analysis along with algorithm development.

We ultimately saw through the delivery of a complex financial services platform with multiple algorithms. According to our client, Poatek’s local knowledge made a difference as we understood and effectively communicated market intricacies. That was crucial for a firm that specifically sought a partner with ties in South America. We integrated ourselves effectively with their in-house team members, and they were happy that we worked within the specific guidelines they set out for us.

“They had a proactive partnership mindset and went the extra mile.” – Managing Principal, Financial Services Consultancy

We’ve also been ranked on The Manifest, an entrepreneur’s guide to resource hiring, as one of the top 50 software developers in Latin America. Interested customers should review our Visual Objects profile.

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