We’re growing! Meet five talents who joined us in the past months!


Victoria Jardim is our brand new Financial Analyst. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Production Engineering at PUCRS. Her professional experience includes a consulting firm, agribusiness, and an education platform. Victoria is also an Associate and Group Coordinator at Instituto de Estudos Empresariais (IEE), an organization that has been recognized for its effort on the development of business leaders. At Poatek, she’s responsible for the financial day by day activities, as well as for important metrics and reports to measure the company’s health. “For me, Poatek is a great company, with amazing people, that solve real problems through technology, improving the business of our clients and the life of their customers. It’s an amazing opportunity to grow with Poatek”, she says.



Pedro Gyrão (or Gyrão – this is how we call him at Poatek!) is one of our new Software Engineers and has been working with Python since the beginning of his career, automating basic functions and developing data mining tools. He really enjoys working with data, and he’s always looking for opportunities to enhance data storage and delivery processes. At Poatek he’ll be working as a backend developer. He tells us that “what caught my eye at Poatek was the company’s environment: it’s easy to talk with everyone, and if the conversation is about new tech trends or new concepts, it’s even easier! Everyone’s always searching for courses and eager to learn”.



Alysson Barbosa is a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst. He studied Systems for the Internet at Unilasalle. He has worked with Big Data, capturing and treating data in distributed environments. Now, he’s part of the BI team in a multinational company, dealing with different technologies, Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools, databases, data visualization tools, and programming languages. He tells us he’s very happy and motivated, mainly because “at Poatek, I don’t feel like I’m in a company, but in a family!”.



Matheus Souza, one of our new Software Engineers, has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at PUCRS, and has been working as a full-stack developer since 2009. He has worked with several tech stacks, with a stronger .NET background. Also, he’s a proud first-time dad who changes a lot of diapers and spends many nights awake. At Poatek, he’s sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm on a project with a client from the financial market, working with Node.js and AngularJS. He shares that “so far, I’ve been enjoying a lot working here. Everyone is challenging themselves the most, but also helping others as a team to achieve top-notch solutions”.



Rafael Serafin is our new Mobile Engineer and has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Faculdade São Francisco de Assis. In the first years of college, he started to work with Android development and fell in love with it. So, not surprisingly, Rafael is now working with Android mobile applications on multiple projects at Poatek. “The company surpassed my expectations, because people here are amazing, both technically and personally, and I feel that in a short period of time I’ve already evolved a lot”, he says.