Our team keeps growing!
Meet our new poatekers!


João Pedro Boufleur is our new Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from UFRGS. Before joining Poatek, he worked for an edtech startup, where he was responsible for maintaining the company’s data warehouse, as well as structuring KPIs and metrics. Currently, he’s working with BI, providing data for multiple sectors and assisting users to develop dashboards for Tableau. João Pedro tells us that “I’ve been incredibly happy working for Poatek, because I feel that I’m in a work environment that cares about people and values the development of the team. Shoutout to my fellow poatekers, who are great people, always open to help and collaborate”.



Juliana Brondani, our new Mobile Engineer, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from UFSM, and also holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from UFRGS. Her previous experiences include a period in South Korea – with an internship in the mobile division at Samsung Electronics – and the development of a simulator with Unity 3D for the Brazilian army. Her time in South Korea made her realize she wanted to work with Android mobile development, and she’s now working with it on a project with an agritech company. “I’m really enjoying working at Poatek, mainly because we are constantly learning new technologies due to different projects, and also because the company encourages and invests in our education and training”, she shares.



Alex Moraes, Software Engineer, works with backend development. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from UFRGS, and has worked as a full stack developer and as a backend developer. As you can see (!), he really enjoys backend, and he’s currently building a solution for commodities trading at Poatek. Alex tells us he feels  very motivated, mainly because “the company environment favors knowledge exchange. The team is focused and skilled, and I’ve already learned a lot from them”.



Leonardo Prass, one of our new Software Engineers, studied Software Development at Instituto Federal Sul-Rio-Grandense, and has an extensive background in .NET development. His previous professional experiences taught him the importance of good practices and user experience, so he’s always thinking about the impact that software will have in the end user. He’s currently working on a project with a client from the financial sector. Leonardo says: “In my opinion, Poatek is one of the best companies to work for in Brazil, especially in Porto Alegre. Everyone is passionate about what they are doing and very welcoming to new people. It makes you feel like part of the team”.



Lucas Carletti is our new Mobile Engineer. He’s currently studying Computer Science at PUCRS, and has been developing iOS applications for the past 5 years. At Poatek, he’s working with iOS development on multiple projects, alongside with the development of frameworks to speed up applications’ deliveries. According to him, “I really liked Poatek’s environment and processes, from the way we understand customers’ demands, to prototyping, validating and starting developing our apps using agile methodologies. It’s also great that we are often testing and pushing new technologies inside our stacks!.