Our team continues to grow! Get to know the four talented interns who joined us in the past months! 


Luiza Flores is an International Relations student at UFRGS. There, she is also an assistant-researcher in a scientific group. At Poatek, Luiza is a Marketing intern, but she also helps with some administrative and finance activities. For Luiza, Poatek is a company that is growing a lot, and she hopes that everyone can recognize the good job that all poatekers do. I believe that Poatek is a great company, always providing a nice work environment for everyone, with intelligent and amazing people that are always willing to help!



Guilherme Malta is a third year Computer Science student at UFRGS. Malta (this is how we call him at Poatek) has worked in scientific groups at college. At Poatek, he’s an intern in the Data Science team, working with extraction methods and text recognition in images. Malta hopes that Poatek continues to value quality and employees’ contributions. He believes that the strength of the company is its environment, with a great interaction between people from different teams, something that contributes a lot to technical knowledge sharing. I like Poatek a lot. It’s a great combination of a cool environment and a lot of co-workers with high technical capabilities, which helps my experience in the Data Science area. 



Manuella Machado studies Psychology at UFCSPA. She has worked at Poatek before, and now she is back! At Poatek, she is working with the People Team, recruiting talents for our company. She expects that Poatek continues to grow, working with complex projects, and being a great work environment. Poatek has grown a lot in this one year I stayed away, and I’m very happy with so many advances”.   




Bruno Toresan is a Computer Science student at UFRGS. Before joining Poatek, he has held a scientific initiation scholarship at college for 1 year. Bruno is an intern in the Data Science team, currently working on a special project. He expects to keep learning and contributing to Poateks services and its amazing culture. I am really enjoying working at Poatek because my colleagues are also willing to share their knowledge, therefore, I am always learning!