Meet our new amazing poatekers who joined us in the past months!


Laura Grala is our Business Analyst. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with focus on Innovation and Leadership from Unisinos. Before starting at Poatek, Laura has worked in two different areas. One had to do with strategical planning inside an advertising agency, and the other was more commercial, inside a company focused on trade. However, she had always wanted to work in a tech company. Laura is very excited about Poatek, because, in her words, “it’s a very cool company, with an excellent environment and very dynamic, full of receptive people”.



Bruno Cestari is our new Software and Security Engineer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Engineering from UFSCAR and a specialization in Data Science from ITA. Bruno has worked as a Market Risk Analyst and as a Data Scientist in the financial sector. He expects to continue to work on the data and cybersecurity areas. Bruno enjoys working in complex projects and discovering new solutions for tech problems. “I’m loving to work at Poatek! The company is incredible and very receptive. I met exceptional professionals here!”.



Tales Lemes is our new Mobile Engineer. Tales has a Bachelor’s Degree in Control and Automation Engineering from UFSM. His professional experience includes working on research groups with focus on Electronics, the automation industry and cooking in a restaurant as a chef. Tales thinks that a lot of new projects are coming to Poatek, developing even more the company. He tells us that “I think that Poatek’s environment is very good. I like the flexibility of our working hours and the support that everyone gave me”.



Bruna Czarnobay is a Full Stack Engineer and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from Unisinos. She has been working with systems development for over 6 years, specifically with business management systems. Bruna hopes to develop herself as a professional and also as a person, and to contribute with Poatek’s growing in the IT market. She says that the company has a very unique work style and a great culture. “People here are very open and receptive! It’s visible the high technical level of everyone here. Poatek has overcome my expectations!”



Fabio Alves is our new DevOps at Poatek. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Analysis and Systems Development from Unisinos. Fabio has more than 15 years of experience with systems development, working with different technologies, although he prefers .NET and Web Systems. In the past years, Fabio has studied Cloud Services. His expectations about Poatek are that the company continues to grow and to provide a nice structure that allows him and everyone else to share knowledge. He is very motivated, mainly because “Poatek shows itself as an amazing company, with an infrastructure that provides us to work in great projects. The easy access to co-workers and the diversity of technical knowledge help us to grow as a person and as a professional”.



Anderson Haas is our new Marketing Analyst. Anderson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from PUCRS, and in October he finished his MBA on Strategical Marketing at Unisinos. He’s passionate about Marketing and works with it since he was 16, when he initiated his career as an intern in a big company. His expectations for Poatek are the very best. Anderson foresees big challenges in his area. Moreover, there’s a great opportunity to learn, and he says that “I’m enjoying Poatek’s environment a lot and I really like my colleagues. I felt very welcomed for everyone since my first day.”



João Sombrio is a Full Stack Engineer. He started studying Physics and Applied Mathematics, but didn’t finish the course. However, now he’s finishing his studies in Internet Systems at IFRS. João connected to technology when he was very young, by giving informatics classes for older people and fixing computers. After, he started his career working with software testing and software developing. At Poatek, he expects to learn and also to teach, interacting with different people. “I think that Poatek is amazing, with a very united team that enjoys sharing knowledge!”.



Augusto Boranga is our new Mobile Engineer. He is finishing his studies in Computer Science at UFRGS. Before starting at Poatek, Augusto has had some internship and research experiences. He expects to grow inside the company and to be able to participate in different projects, contributing to the quality Poatek offers. “I’m enjoying here a lot, and I was very welcomed by everyone. About the work, there are different projects, what I see as a very positive thing”.