In the end of 2019, our team hired two talented ladies to join our growing team!


Daniela dos Reis is a UX Designer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Production from SENAC. Besides, Dani (this is how we call her here!) is completing a Specialization in iOS Design at the Apple Developer Academy. She loves working with design, and before joining Poatek she has worked as an art director and as a UI/UX designer. She expects to continue to develop herself even more in her area. In her words: “Poatek is sensational. It’s amazing to work with so cool and helpful people”.


Carolina de Abreu. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Physics, both from UFRGS. Carolina really loves working with technology, and she’s very excited about the projects she’s working on. She believes that Poatek can help her to gain experience in the Data Science area. She says: “I’m really enjoying the environment here, especially the people who work here, because they are always willing to help”.