A few weeks ago, we welcomed Sami Bin to Poatek. Sami is our new Chief Operating Officer (COO)! He will be working closely with all areas of the company, further helping us develop our internal processes as the company continues on its fast growth trajectory.

Sami holds a BSc in Administration, with a specialization in Finances and Marketing, from Syracuse University, NY.

Prior to coming to Poatek, Sami owned his own technology company in Brazil, in association with a major Israeli corporation, which got sold in May 2018. In that role, Sami was in charge of opening the Brazilian market for the company’s products.

Sami told us that what attracted him to Poatek was the team’s high caliber and the great opportunities that are ahead of us. The invitation to be Poatek’s new COO comes with the challenge to help the company develop in a sustainable way.

Sami at Poatek

Sami believes we will have another great year ahead, with a lot of hard work and achievements. In his own words:

“I think Poatek is a great place with extraordinary people and I’m really excited to be part of the history of the company!”, Sami says.

And we’re happy to have you in our team Sami! Welcome!

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