2020 has brought us new talents! It’s time to welcome four new poatekers:


Cainã Murtinho is a Software Engineer at Poatek. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Analysis and Development from UlbraBefore joining us, Cainã has worked as an Innovation Engineer in a big company. He tells us that he really likes Poatek’s culture because he enjoys learning knowledge with the rest of the team. In his words: I’m loving it, and I hope to learn, teach and be challenged by innovative projects”.


Gustavo Terras is Mobile Engineer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Analysis from QI University. Gustavo has always been passionate about Mobile Engineering, and has worked with it before in an important bank. He believes that working at Poatek can bring mutual benefits for both sides  himself and the company , because it will foster his professional development and challenge him to pursue different technologies. Gustavo says that he sees Poatek as a company that worries a lot with their employees‘ welfare, besides the fact that it has a very cool environmentI can see that everyone here is very dedicated to work.


Luiz Adolphs is a Software Engineer at PoatekAdolphs, as we call him here, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Unilasalle Universityand some specializations in QA, Big Data, and Data ScienceAdolphs has been working with different technologies in many fields (from desking apps to shop floor solutions, for example) since 2007. He expects to help all the teams inside Poatek to solve their clients’ tech problems using fitted and cutting-edge solutions. He tells us that here at Poatek, I have the opportunity to collaborate with different projects. Also, people here breathe technology, which as a technologist, I absolutely love!. 


Rodrigo Giglio is a Mobile Engineer Intern. He studies Biomedical Informatics at UFCSPA and has worked with a lot of technological areas, such as infrastructure, web systems development, process mapping, and mobile developmentHe expects to discover himself as aIT professional and improve his software engineer abilities. Rodrigo says that he likes to work at Poatek because it is company ahead of time! The friendship and receptivity of my colleagues and the recognition of the intern positionare my favorite aspects of Poatek.