Poatek is an IT development boutique that operates on a global level: we aren’t driven by language or borders, our mission is to discover the best IT solutions for your problems. And now, we have some exciting news! Recently we have opened a new office, located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our main office is in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Also, we have offices in São Paulo (BRA) and Miami (USA) – we’re a global company. In Lisbon, our office is at The Fintech House, located at Palácio das Varandas, a building that was modified to receive this project, unifying tradition and modernity. Right now, the Fintech House has 15 startups, a bank, a multinational consulting company, among other partners. Its environment has the goal of promoting bigger contact between an entire ecosystem, such as investors, partners, consultants, law firms, incubators, and regulators.

Palacio das Varandas

Do you know what all our offices have in common?

All our offices were created to reflect who we are: a highly talented and dynamic team. And as Poatek is always willing to offer great opportunities for career development, it’s always open to explore new experiences and opportunities.

So, being in one of our international offices help poatekers to get in contact with new cultures and visit other countries. Also, the routine with professionals from different backgrounds and perspectives increases knowledge transfer, something that impacts directly the quality of their work.

Now it’s time to show you some environments of The Fintech House and our new office!

In the picture below, you can see the Hall, a place where people receive their visitors. An interesting thing to note is the architectural details – the windows to the decorated ceiling.


The building also has a kitchen (very important!), essential for people to prepare their meals and to develop friendship ties with other companies’ employees.


As an important business and technology hub, The Fintech House has a room to hold events, called the Conference Room or Auditorium, as you can see below.

Conference Room

Thommy Nozaki is a UX Designer and works in our Lisbon office. Here, he tells us a little bit about his first impressions about the new office.

What are you thinking about our new office in Lisbon?

Thommy: I’m very excited about our new office. We are at The Fintech House, a very interesting startup ecosystem that allows us to be surrounded by innovation. Also, the place is so nice, located right in the center of the city, yet close to a quiet square that gives us the feeling of being in the countryside.

How do you see this expansion and what does it mean for the company?

Thommy: Lisbon has been growing a lot in the technology field, with plenty of startups settling in the city. Being close to this growth will help us to continue working with the best market practices. Moreover, it will be a space that provides cultural and professional exchange.

2020 certainly holds big challenges for Poatek, and we’re ready to solve them, whether in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Miami, Lisbon or anywhere in the world.

Besides, we have open positions for software engineers who want to work in our new office! Do you want to work with Thommy? Check here and apply.


Featured Image by Nils Nedel on Unsplash


About the author

Anderson Haas is a Marketing Analyst at Poatek.