Poatek is a boutique of IT Consulting dedicated to solving complex IT problems, contributing to the growth of other businesses. To make this happens, we count on a team of great professionals.

Our daily routine is different and unique. We want to offer our employees an opportunity for continuous professional development, both personally and professionally.

Do you want to know how it feels like working at Poatek?

If so, this text is for you! We have listed five reasons to explain why it’s so cool to be a poateker. Check them out:

1. An opportunity to work with big clients

If you usually get bored with your daily tasks, Poatek is definitely the place for you. With a very dynamic routine, our team works on challenging projects in the most varied business segments. This flexibility allows us to learn a lot about different companies and to develop custom and intelligent solutions.

It’s very cool to be in touch with big clients around the world. It’s an opportunity to get to know different cultures and companies. You work with them and become a part of their team.” 

Luis Eduardo Lanfredi, Software Engineer


2. Exchange of knowledge

We value and encourage people who are always looking for knowledge. Our professionals dedicate part of their time to do research, studying and promoting events about new technology trends. To encourage this practice, we have a mentoring program where professionals from different positions and areas hold a series of meetings based on advice and exchange of experiences. After all, we always want to discuss different perspectives to improve continuously.

Also, this helps us to create a good environment for everyone.

“Since the first week of work, it’s clear for me that, at Poatek, no one holds knowledge for themselves. That is, my colleagues have always showed enthusiasm for sharing their expertise. From a tiny new functionality they’ve found on the programming tool, to a solution to truckload damage during a truck trip, co-workers at Poatek have always proved to enjoy sharing every new finding and achievement.” 

– Rodrigo Giglio, Mobile Engineer Intern



Rodrigo and Laura spending a fun time together.


3. Autonomy everywhere

Here, everyone is the protagonist of their career and projects. Our teams have direct contact with clients, from the first stage of understanding the problem to the final step of delivering the solution. We value the opinion and vision of each poateker.

Since I’ve started working at Poatek I’ve been able to participate in meetings and demos with the clients and also contact them directly. This makes it easier to understand their needs and translate them into a sophisticated solution. This approach gives us many responsibilities but also gives us the liberty to discuss features, goals, and deadlines which has a very positive impact during the development process. Also, it is very satisfying to receive positive feedback from the clients and see the solutions you helped to plan and create being used by thousands of users around the world.” 

– Juliana Brondani, Mobile Engineer


4. Global soul

Our main office is in Porto Alegre, but we’re global. Today we have two offices in Brazil, one in the United States and another one in Portugal.

Every year, our employees participate in major events abroad and visit international clients. Besides – one of our latest updates –, poatekers now can spend three months working in one of our offices around the world through Poatek Abroad Program.

The program aims to contribute to the personal and professional development of poatekers, through experience in other countries. Candidates for the program undergo an internal selection and those selected receive a living allowance to make this practice feasible. Amazing, right?

“Traveling to other countries even if it’s only for a few days and having the opportunity to experience other cultures is an incredible experience.” 

– Eduardo Brasil, Software Engineer


Poatekers Eduardo Brasil, Guilherme Severo and Pedro Fialho at AngularMix Conference in Orlando-FL (2019).


5. Innovation in technology

Technology is the main foundation of our business. We have weekly meetings with our team, affectionately called KT (Knowledge Transfer) sessions, where we share experiences of research, events, travel, among other subjects. This exchange of experience contributes to the development of all, encouraging the search for knowledge in order to promote innovation that can improve our work at the company.

“Poatek has a great environment to share knowledge and new technologies. Every week, a co-worker brings forward to the group some topic of interest through our KT session. There are no rules or restrictions for the topics, so it can be not only about new technologies and trends but also trips, events, economics etc.”

 – Daniel Einloft, Software Engineer


If you’ve read this far, you can realize how the work environment at Poatek looks like. We’re always interested in discovering bright professionals, especially those who are passionate about technology, just like us!

Did you enjoy reading this text?  So, access our careers page and find out more about the opportunities at Poatek.


About the author

Anderson Haas is a Marketing Analyst at Poatek.