The current global COVID-19 crisis has caused a dramatic shift in everyday life. Social distancing regulations at the local, state, and federal levels have forced all non-essential businesses and educational institutions to transition into digital environments.

The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for remote work—turning it into a critical component of daily business operations. In order to curb the spread of the virusprofessionals and students have begun performing daily obligations from the confines of their home offices.

Remote work has been gaining prominence in recent years as more professionals are continuing to utilize virtual office spaces. Working remotely can offer up a number of benefits for professionals. In fact, remote workers in the US earn six-figure salaries at a rate 2.2x higher than on-site employees. Remote workers also tend to be 29% happier compared to traditional on-site workers. 

In the graphics below it is possible to note that this configuration of remote work has also positive impacts in people that already work in this manner and others that have the desire to expand this new work environment. 

Source: OWL Labs

It’s not just offices that have been experiencing an influx of remote learning capabilities. The future of education has changed as university campuses have transitioned into digital classrooms. 

Home-based learning is becoming the new norm in education at all levels. Harvard University and other Ivy league schools are even offering several new courses that can be taken online for free. As a range of class offerings continue to ramp up—remote learning is undoubtedly the future of higher education. 

How to Hire Top Employees 

Companies that flourish welcome change and opportunity for growthvirtual work environments have made it possible to hire professionals at all corners of the global spectrum. Nowadays, a growing number of organizations are looking elsewhere to fill the void. 

Luckily our internet-connected age allows for easy communication with other countries. Although these technologies have led to increased flexibilities within the workforcethe competition for attracting and retaining talented employees continues to increase. 

Finding the right job candidates for your company can be a hard mission. Time must be allocated for posting positions, interviewing candidates, and carefully reviewing resumes and job history. 

A strong, reliable partnership solves many of the complications that comes with finding talent and outsourcing. The important thing to remember is that the right partnership for your company is the right one regardless of the location. For this, you need confidence in the quality, knowledge, and creativity of your partnerhere, the quality of skills outweighs location. This enables you to find the talent you need rather than settle for what’s available. 

At Poatek, our core competencies reach far and wide. We remain constantly committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Our international expertise allows us to build and develop critical applications for a wide range of clients in various industries. We carefully work with corporate decision makers to develop customized solutions to help meet your business objectives and needs. 

The global workforce is currently undergoing a period of transition unlike any other period in history. Poatek is ready. What about you?

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