Poatek is a company that has an international spirit that reveals itself in the constant willingness to discover the best talents to work in our offices (in Brazil, the US, or Portugal) in order to provide a great experience for everyone. Also, most of our projects and clients are international, which intensifies our global purpose to solve complex IT problems with unique solutions that can positively impact the society.

Summer Job 2020

Created in 2018, Poatek’s Summer Job Program is a way to connect international students to our poatekers, providing everyone a great opportunity to discover and learn about new technologic trends. We are constantly in contact with foreign universities and participating in international events that support our brand to achieve new frontiers.

A huge success since the beginning, the program has brought excellent students from many different countries. If you are interested, you can read more about the Summer Job 2019 here and if you want to know more about the foreign students Poatek has received in the past years, read our articles about What’s is like to be an exchange student at Poatek and Poatekers about their exchange experience.

Despite the atypical year of 2020, it is marvelous that we have two great students that came to our main office in Porto Alegre (BRA) to learn and exchange knowledge with the rest of the poatekers.

Who are they?

This year, Poatek has the honor to welcome two students, Daniel Ramirez and Fellipe Couto.

Let’s know more about them?

Meet the team


Daniel Ramirez is a third-year student at Brown University. He studies Informatics and Economics, and at Poatek he will be part of the Data Science team. Despite being a short time at Poatek, Daniel says that he’s very excited to work with everyone. He praises the collaborative and stimulating culture of the company and how welcomed he was by all the poatekers.

Daniel has high expectations about working at Poatek: he wants to learn, to make friends, and to develop his technical capacities by working on the projects. In his own words: “I can see that it is very clear how Poatek and its team are amazing! Everyone is extremely friendly and is always available to help others not just to achieve the best results for the clients, but also to develop its own knowledge”.


Fellipe Couto is a student at Minerva Schools. Fellipe studies at Keck Graduate Institute with a double major in Computer Science and Business. At Poatek he is going to join the Data Science team. Fellipe told us that he is very happy to be working at Poatek, because of the great projects and the welcoming reception that he received by everyone at the company.

Fellipe hopes to learn a lot during his internship, about many different areas. He says: “I’m excited to work here! I want to collaborate with the projects and maintain contact with this amazing team that Poatek has!”.



We have no doubts that this year’s Summer Job will be great! Welcome to the team, Daniel and Fellipe!