Today, June 26, Poatek says “goodbye” to a very special colleague. For a long time, she was responsible for managing the company’s content, which includes our blog, and there is no better way to demonstrate our appreciation other than to write a special blog post in her honor. After all, she took her job very seriously and worked with affection and dedication. So, let’s learn more about Vitória’s history at Poatek.

Vitória Volpato has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from UFRGS and joined Poatek in 2017. Initially, as an intern, her main responsibilities were to support the company’s administrative and financial areas. Right from the start, it was possible to notice her commitment and engagement in all activities, observe her understanding of overall solutions and the high quality of her deliveries.

Three years since Vitoria joined us, Poatek has grown considerably, increasing the number of professionals and new clients, and her contribution was essential for the development of the company. But like any good story, there were breakdowns throughout.

In 2018,

Vitória decided to leave Poatek to dedicate herself for her final semesters in college and also with social projects she was involved with. It was an important time for her personal development.

In 2019,

Vitória returned to Poatek as a marketing analyst. At the time, her challenge was to structure the entire communication and marketing area of the company, aligning the channels of contact with customers and carrying out Poatek’s brand. Between participating in events, producing content, managing the social networks, and other tasks, Vitória received a new mission: to launch Poatek’s office in São Paulo. In June 2019, Poatek opened its office in São Paulo, at Inovabra Habitat, Poatek’s home in the biggest Brazilian city.

Later in 2019, Vitória would no longer manage the marketing area, but she would start a new project: Poatek Academy. This project aims to promote and disseminate knowledge inside and outside Poatek – a way to give back to society through studies and projects that poatekers are involved with at the company. Her main activities included: building relationships with local and international universities, promoting academic research, and organizing moments for cultural exchange, among other tasks.

It is important to highlight that Vitória has big dreams and is always pursuing her goals. It is with great joy we announce that she has just won a scholarship at Pontificia Università della SANTA CROCE, and Rome will be her new home for the next few years. Social distance doesn’t allow us to be close to give her a big and warm hug, but you can be sure that her daily work engagement, dedication, and great relationship with all poatekers will always be remembered.

Thank you for everything, Vitória!