There is no more time for you to leave UX and UI design aside in your projects. In the digital and high content volume era we live, you need to make the time your customers spend in your site, app, blog value. UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design are your allies in providing a useful, agreeable and simple experience for anyone who decides to see what you have to offer.


What is UX and UI design? 

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UX design means User Experience design, and it refers to what a user will feel when interacting with any content he is being exposed to. Therefore, a UX designer must anticipate the perceptions and feelings that their users will face when going through your product, service or system, optimizing the results for enjoyable and relevant use. 

The UX design is the mid-term between business and customer needs. It eases the customers to have great experiences and be more prone to convert, suggest and become loyal to brands. To make this process happens, the UX designer needs to deeply understand for who he is designing for, researching and making studies about the customers’ needs and actions on an application or a product. After knowing its target customer, the designer can start to point out the customer’s needs and what he found out in this researching process, to then work with the adequate strategy for the product and how the content will be disposed in the wireframe. 

And so, what is UI design? The concept of User Interface design is linked to the graphic and visual environment where the user is navigating. Along with the strategy developed by the UX design, the UI provides an easy and convenient answer for the wireframe created. 

The main objective solved by UI is to guide users to the action wanted by the company, whether make the customer take its telephone and make a call, realize a transaction or rad various blog posts. And how to accomplish these goals? By creating a friendly visual identity, choosing the right font, colors and place for graphic pieces, always taking into consideration ergonomic rules and methods, making customers’ journey intuitive and useful. 

Thinking of developing the most attractive design possible or the most useful product of the category is important, but these are not the first or only steps in the process. Even if the UX design will always intervene first to delimit what is needed, the UI design finish by visually highlighting all concepts conceived by UX.


Are UX and UI working together? 

The user experience and user interface must be working together as they are complementary. While UX design is focused on less tangible, emotional and psychological aspects of the experience, the UI needs to be able to translate all intangible concepts and strategies into a user-friendly interface. Aligning these you will result in a strategically designed wireframe that will engage, satisfy and retain customers. Illustrating the concepts, you can think of a situation where the UX designer decides that his website needs a menu on the right to make the navigation simpler, it is with the UI designer to decide the best way to adapt this to the current page. 

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Here are three difference between UX and UI design to summarize both concepts: 

– UI design is a concept you can only apply in digital products, while UI is a concept linked to any kind of service, experience or product;
– The UI design is a final touch in the user journey developed by the UX, adding visual elements to make the most of it;
– The UX design develops the identification and solutions for user problems, while UX focuses on creating pleasant and intuitive interfaces for these problems. 

At firsts glance, taking care of UX and UI design can look hard, but once you start considering these steps in your projects and having specialists to work with you will ease the task and help your company to go further. At Poatek we already count with a team of UX and UI designer specialists to help us conceptualize, prototype, analyze and build all our digital projects, helping us to reach far and wide. 


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About the author

Fernanda Rohan is a Marketing Intern at Poatek.