Software is our native language

Based in Brazil’s tech-hub, Porto Alegre, we’ve brought together a team of software engineers most companies can only dream about. We’re surrounded by Brazil’s best computer science universities, and our city is home to offices of IBM, Dell, HP, MS, SAP, and Apple. Many on our team graduated from these top-tier schools and gained career experience right here in Brazil at some of the world’s best tech companies.

Technology without limits

We don’t think innovation should be limited by borders or language. While we call Brazil home, we work with companies across North and South America and will expand to other continents to meet the needs of our customers.

It's all about you

You are the driving force behind the innovation that happens here at PoaTek. We take your project and make it our own so we can deliver a product that will exceed your expectations.

How PoaTek hires the top 1%?


Cristiano Franco

CEO, Founder

Fabrício Ferreira

Software Engineer

Jean Andrade


Bruna Figini

QA Engineer

Guilherme Severo

Software Engineer

Pedro Fialho

Software Engineer

Bruno Pospichil

Software Engineer

Lando Kravetz


Thiagus Ferreira

Software Engineer

Marcelo Linck

Software Engineer

Matheus Gonzaga

Software Engineer

Gianei Sebastiany

Software Engineer

Luis Eduardo Lanfredi

Software Engineer

Gabriel Allegretti


Fernando Kruse

QA Engineer

Rodrigo Leote

Software Engineer

Walter Endt

Functional Analyst

Paulo Poffal

Software Engineer

Fernanda Souza

Financial Analyst

Eduardo Pereira


Bruno Machado

QA Engineer

Regis Brand

Software Engineer

Paulo Santos

Software Engineer

Eduardo Brasil

Software Engineer

Marcelo de Almeida


Pedro Kehl

Software Engineer

Lucas Medeiros

Software Engineer

Matheus Rabelo

Mobile Engineer


Global Mission

We aren’t driven by language or borders. Our mission is global: bringing the best technology to you, wherever you do business.

Agile is our middle name

In addition to our current team, we have a pipeline of fresh talent that is ready to jump on your project the minute you sign the dotted line. Because we are a software company, our developers aren’t hindered by corporate processes.


We believe in letting people do what they do best. You are best in your industry. We are best at tech. We take care of the tech for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Top Tech Talent

We stop at nothing to ensure the developers working on your project are the creme de la creme. Our team goes through ongoing training and career development as well as taking part in research projects to deepen their experience.

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