Poatek Is a Leader in Innovative Software Development, According to!

Brazil’s emerging tech market features 189 million mobile phones already in use and a fast-growing demand for PCs. In

Our Third All Hands of the Year Was a Great Success

One week ago, we hosted our third All Hands of the year! All Hands is an internal event we organize

Feedback Is Not For The Organization, It Is For You

Feedback is an effective tool for personal and professional evolution of every person, and an excellent means to develop not

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019: An Overview – Part II

In the last blog post, I explained that the goals of my articles were to present the biggest news of

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019: An Overview

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, is the world’s largest video game event that occurs every year in Los

Get Started With Transfer Learning in 7 Easy Steps

In the first post of the series, I wrote about how transfer learning can help you to achieve better

What Is Transfer Learning and How It Can Help You

Recently, deep learning has created breakthroughs in several fields of computer science, including image recognition. These advancements are related to

Poatek Goes International: Meet Our Three New American Interns!

It’s known that Poatek has a global spirit and mission, not only because most of our projects are international, but

Technology Transformation in Retail – Part IV

For years now, many retail stores have gone through drastic technology transformations aiming to stay on foot. Big brands such

Welcome on board, poatekers!

Our team is growing: meet the four poatekers we received in the past weeks!