Moving Motivators – it’s all about people!

Motivation – We all want to work with motivated people. But how can we affect their motivation? According to psychology

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If you follow our social media accounts, then you should know how much Poatek values its employees. We really want

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Our exchange student from Italy, Giulia, shares her thoughts about Brazil, our local culture, and what’s it like

Technology Transformation in Retail – Part I

For years now, many retail stores have gone through drastic technology transformations in order to stay on foot.

Why you shouldn’t use microservices

Before digging into the topic, I would just make clear that I’m not against microservices. Actually, it’s the opposite: I

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Agile Software Development: an introduction to user stories

One of my favorite aspects of agile software development is how it encourages people to interact with each other, to

Welcome, poatekers! Four new members join the team

Our team continues to grow: last week, we welcomed four new professionals to Poatek. Let’s get to know

AngularJS tips and tricks: communicating between controllers

In AngularJS it’s very common to have more than one controller in a single page. If you use components or