Once upon a time in Stonewall. And a happy end with companies’ diversity

51 years ago, more specifically on June 28, 1969 in the United States, an event that 

Farewell, Vitória!

Today, June 26, Poatek says “goodbye” to a very special colleague. For a long time, she was responsible for managing

Deconstructing the VC Business Model

Venture Capital (VC) arrived very late (late-1970s) as a credible asset class. The VC industry flourished only after a regulatory

Meet our two new interns from the Summer Job Program!

Poatek is a company that has an international spirit that reveals itself in the constant willingness to discover the best

Ecosystem Development in Product Management

Everyday over six thousand app releases occur on Google Play, yet very few apps go on to become unicorns (See

Welcome, poatekers!

Recently, Poatek welcomed four new interns!  

How Tech is Shaping Financial Services

Over the past five years, there are 10 tech trends that have shaped the financial services industry (see exhibit 1).

Introduction to Ensemble Learning – Part 2

In the first part of this series, I explained how to produce and select different models using

Preparing for Certain Recovery in the Financial Markets

As COVID-19 morphed from a regional pandemic in China’s Hubei province to a global epidemiological disaster, equities fell

Women and Technology: A Little Bit of History

Technology is the fuel that moves the modern world. Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Physics… all these subjects