How to Get Even More Performance from Transfer Learning

This is the third of a 3 part series of articles about transfer learning. In this series, we will detail

Players Everywhere: Reflecting about Gamification in Business

Before we begin talking about gamification, I’d like to tell you a brief bedtime story. This is necessary and will

Welcome, poatekers!

We’re growing! Meet five talents who joined us in the past months!  

PlatformIO: An IoT Ecosystem

Almost every microcontroller developer has started or, at least once, used the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as a coding platform.

Our Experience Traveling to Florida

Two months ago my team and I spent 12 days in Florida – also known as the Sunshine State

Easy Machine Learning with AWS SageMaker

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the 14º AWS Porto Alegre MeetUp, where I explained how SageMaker works and

Essential Components for Any Successful Android Project

Each developer has their own way of organizing a project by defining layers, modules, and protocols to ensure their architecture

Poatek Is a Leader in Innovative Software Development, According to!

Brazil’s emerging tech market features 189 million mobile phones already in use and a fast-growing demand for PCs. In

Our Third All Hands of the Year Was a Great Success

One week ago, we hosted our third All Hands of the year! All Hands is an internal event we organize

Feedback Is Not for the Organization, It Is for You

Feedback is an effective tool for personal and professional evolution of every person, and an excellent means to develop not