Say hello to Alan, our new Data Scientist!

Last week we welcomed a new Data Scientist to the team: Alan Delgado de Oliveira will work with projects that

Meet Laura: our new Head of People here at Poatek

As we mentioned in our retrospective, we’ve had many new additions to our team in 2018. And, by the

Technology Transformation in Retail – Part II

For years now, many retail stores have gone through drastic technology transformations in order to stay on foot.

What is blockchain?

Most solutions today do not effectively guarantee that the information stored on them is not ever going to be modified or deleted. Blockchain

A look at the first All Hands of the year

Earlier this month we had our very first All Hands of the year, an

How UI/UX impacts your business

It’s something that’s been around for a while, and its importance in continuously growing. It’s what levels our overall

The 2018 Poatek Retrospective

New hirings, new office, and new projects: these are just a few of the many milestones we’ve accomplished

What is Market Data?

Market data is price and trade-related data reported by stock exchange. It allows investors and traders to access the latest

Moving Motivators – it’s all about people!

Motivation – We all want to work with motivated people. But how can we affect their motivation? According to psychology

A Day in the Life of a Poateker

If you follow our social media accounts, then you should know how much Poatek values its employees. We really want