You have just found that hard-to-find tech talent.

Are you trying to scale your tech team to meet growing business demands? Tech talent is hard to come by. That’s why we’ve put together a team of some of the most experienced talent you’ll find anywhere. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: our developers and engineers are some of the best. They’ve graduated from top-tier tech schools and worked at the world’s best tech companies. Your dedicated tech team isn’t just a bunch of self-taught coders. They know their stuff.

They’re all yours.

All means all. Your PoaTek team will be 100% dedicated to your project for at least twelve months or more depending on your needs. They become part of your daily scrum and agile development. You have total control of allocating their skills and schedule because you’re the boss. Most of the time your team collaborates with you from right here in Brazil’s tech hub, Porto Alegre, but in some cases, they travel to you.

And guess what? They’re affordable.

We don’t compete with the traditional offshore outsourcing options, but we firmly believe you pay for what you get. Other outsourced options may be cheaper, but often they come with a whole lot of hassle. With PoaTek, you’re guaranteed developers and engineers that have worked at places like IBM or Google, and they come at a more affordable price than on-shore talent.


.NET, Java, iOS, Android, Ruby, Scala, Python, Node.js, Angular, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL + many others.

Access to senior talent

Our engineers are senior professionals with University degrees and relevant industry experience.


Our team becomes part of your daily scrum and uses an Agile methodology. We are able to help you scale fast once we understand your needs.

Cost savings

Though we do not compete with the more traditional offshoring locations on cost, we can still offer saving through intelligent sourcing.

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