We deliver innovative IT solutions with unmatched value and outstanding customer experience

PoaTek works with brands that have the ambition to lean into tomorrow, regardless of where they are in their evolution today. We're a true partner, whether we're increasing awareness of your existing products, building a ground-breaking new platform or joining both through social connectivity. Our focus on collaboration, culture and behavior enables us to produce innovative projects that drive our clients’ success.

A Co-Sourced Team That Feels Like It’s In-House

Our team structure allows us to collaborate closely with you. Often, we act as an extension of our clients’ in-house IT departments, but if you don’t have an existing IT department, we will gladly fill that role for you. Our developers’ and engineers’ extensive experience makes our co-sourcing model even more appealing: their previous work at top-tier tech firms means you have some of the world’s best talent at your fingertips.

Your Project. Your Way.

We believe that your project should be done your way. That’s why we offer flexible services that include software development, testing, project management and business analysis using a broad range of technologies and methodologies. Our projects are tailored to your needs, no matter if it’s a sudden emergency or a long-planned, long term project.

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