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In particular, you deserve the most talented team building your mobile app. That’s where PoaTek comes in. Our highly qualified developers and engineers strategize to build mobile apps that meet current business needs now but also have the ability to scale to add new features, cross platforms, or perform updates down the road.

No matter where you are in your lifecycle.

PoaTek works with startups, small to medium businesses, and enterprise level companies. Each of our clients, from the smallest to the largest, works with our team of experienced tech talent to design and build mobile apps that drive their business’s success.

And no matter the platform.

Your app needs to meet your users where they are. At PoaTek, our teams build native Android and iOS apps. Additionally, they create hybrid apps that work anywhere. They’re also masters of Xamarin, a platform that creates apps with native UI in Android, iOS, or Windows, all with a shared C# code-base.

  • Analyse an asset management company’s communication needs and create an innovative solution
  • Improve communication between out client and their customers
  • Enhance future communication and mobility capabilities
  • Design a mobile app that allowed our client to communicate with customers in real time
  • Build a platform for our client’s customers to view new investment opportunities, past investments, and current performance
  • Create a website with similar capabilities to mobile app
  • Faster and easier communication with our client’s customers
  • Streamlined mobile and online investment processes so investors can jump on investment opportunities in real-time
  • Easy-to-use app and website that drive excellent user experiences

Breaking Traditional Molds
Our client in Miami, Florida, an asset management company offers alternative investment products. In their industry, business is formal and traditional, from the products and services most of their competitors offer all the way to the way they communicate with their customers. But our client was breaking the traditional investment company mold in so many ways, they wanted their communication to follow suit.
They didn’t know exactly how their new communication model would work, but they did know it would incorporate technology in some way. That’s why they turned to PoaTek.

Communicating In Real-Time
After listening to our client’s business needs and the vision they had for their new communication platform, the PoaTek team determined that a two-part project consisting of a mobile app and eventually a website would be a perfect communication fit. They choose to roll out the app first, since many of the client’s customers were individual investors who would appreciate the real-time communication a mobile app could offer.

Streamlining Investing
The app streamlines our client’s communication with their customers. Right from the platform, investors can see past opportunities, view their current positions and performance, as well as receive real time notifications about new deals. The app allows them to do their initial due diligence and peruse the investment memo all in the same platform. If they’re satisfied with what they see, they can INDICATE INTEREST FOR the investment via the app.

Elegant Design Backed By Elegant Code
Since our client isn’t an IT shop, PoaTek did everything possible to make the process easy for them. It started with mockups of the app design to help the client visualize their new platform. From there, PoaTek developers wrote the elegant code that gives the app its streamlined design and functionality.

Looking Ahead
The mobile app has been live for 8 months, and our client has been able to launch new deals via the app as well as letting customers invest through the new online platform. Their new website with similar features will be launched summer 2017 to continue to streamline their communication processes.

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