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Let's fly together.


At Poatek, we launch amazing flights.

We have the freedom and autonomy to rise ourselves to new levels. We are surrounded by market-leading customers that are constantly pushing us to improve.

And getting better is accelerated by the responsibility of launching the best product and landing on the best solutions. And that is why we embrace our growth, we own our journey, and we enjoy our way. Join the team!

Internship Program for Brazilian students

If you are Brazilian and looking for your next internship, this is it. This is the best opportunity for anyone looking to develop a career in an international environment.

The Poatek Internship Program opens up many choices for your career. Here you will learn from incredible professionals, in a cool environment, with international projects and clients.


Summer Program for Brazilians studying abroad

The perfect program for Brazilians studying abroad to learn, work, and spend time in Brazil.

If you are looking for a company with an international culture, that works with the best technologies and great professionals, Poatek is the best choice. Here you will get your hands on projects for large clients and learn a lot.

Summer Tek.png

Poatek Experience for master's or doctoral students

Poatek Experience is where masters and doctorate students can integrate science with practical applications, allowing us to develop innovative strategies to tackle complex problems faced by our clients and other large enterprises.

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